West Africa region’s team met for their 1st workshop at Cotonou in Benin

West Africa (Benin, Burkina-Faso, Cameroon) region’s team composed of six (06) people met for their first training workshop at Cotonou in Benin from 19th to 21st April 2019.

The workshop focused on different interesting themes and activities.

After getting to know each other and presenting their expectations, the participants are introduced to the univers of the « Countdown 2019 ». Among others team building, communication and collaboration, they learn on following topics: SDG, world interdependence and critical thinking, international communication and collaboration tools, project design and management tools. Through communication, debates and activities, the participants achieved interesting learning, sharing experiences to start their preparation as far as their role is concerned in the organization of the international conference of december 2019. They have also designed their roadmap looking forward sessions and next training workshop.

The first training was very enriching in knowledge and sharing experiences.


Simply the training was fantastic!!!


Le contenu, bien que nous l’avions déjà traité sous d’autres formes, celui-ci nous aide à avoir un regard critique et une ouverture d’esprit sur les ODD.

Jacob A.

The first training at Cotonou was highly educative with the help of the facilitators. I have learnt a lot on the responsabilities of the team in the organization of this international Conference.