Countdown 2030 and beyond – our common future “glocalizing the SDGs”

The six person South/Southern African youth planning team met for their first training workshop in Chintsa on the Wild Coast of South Africa. The workshop focussed on team building, trust, engaging critically with frameworks, facilitation and communication. Journeying beyond one’s comfort zone and pushing personal boundaries was very much a part of the journey and the team courageously launched themselves into all the activities. The three days offered activities that were entirely new to everyone, such as surfing, as well as activities where some participants had existing experience and could take lead roles, such as project design activities.

“This has changed me, I have grown so much, its beyond expectation and I realise I am very fortunate to be on the CD2030 team” (Walusungu Ngulube, SADC rep on the team)

“Succeeding with the impossible, like I never imagined I could or would ever surf, makes me confident that we can do something very great as a team for CD2030” (Nomfusi Msizi)

“My mind is buzzing with possibilities, a hundred different ideas, how are we going to link and have the conversation with the other teams about this, I am looking forwards at what could be outcomes” (Grant Bellairs)

During the workshop, the 20 person virtual meeting with youth partner teams in Benin and Germany where they met each other for the first time took place. The schedule of activities over the next 9 months will utilise the virtual space for meetings and trainings on a monthly basis and this journey is exploratory and new for all us which is really exciting.