An international, youth-led conference in Cologne from 2 to 6 December 2019

All over the world youth is raising their voices.

On streets, schoolyards and in parliaments, a new generation demands their right to a climate-friendly and sustainable livable world. This year’s „Our Common Future“ conference invites young people from South-North projects to join the movement and formulate their vision for sustainable development.

The conference „Our Common Future“ from 2 to 6 December 2019 brings together youth who are already active in international exchanges. In particular, all members of South-North School Partnerships and all South Volunteers who are currently in Germany are invited. Main questions are: What can we do now to move the world? And what do we have to demand now to get politics moving?

The countdown is running. Time for action.

Should temperatures continue to rise beyond 2030, we will face more frequent droughts and floods, more extreme heat and the poverty of 100 million people. In extreme cases this means: the end of humanity. To meet this most pressing problem requires a new kind of collaboration. The participants will discuss new approaches on how to guide the debates on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. They will learn how the can participate in the Agenda 2063, which is to lead the African continent into a social, economic and ecological transformation. They will share their projects and take next steps for collective action – globally and locally.

Youth organising teams in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Germany, Malawi and South Africa.

It is a youth led conference which encourages the acquisition of both hard and soft skills. AGYI is collaborating with bridge-it! and involves alumni from Southern and Western Africa in organising this conference. As part of the preparatory team, 6 young people from countries part of the SADC (Southern African Development Community), 6 young people from the Western African region and 8 youth from Germany have been selected through a call. The country teams will receive training, be mentored and supported through 2019 to prepare the conference.